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Python provides various ways to comment out multiple lines. One way to comment out multiple lines in PyCharm is to use the # symbol. This symbol is used to comment out a single line. To comment out multiple lines, simply place the # symbol at the beginning of each line you wish to comment out.

If the PyCharm IDE is used to write Python code, press keyshot Ctrl plus / to comment all rows of Python code.

To comment on a Python function after it has been declared, make sure the caret is set after the function has been declared. At the bottom, you must enter the three-digit opening triple quotes. It is useful to include meaningful parameters descriptions as well as return values.

How Do You Comment Multiple Lines At A Time In Pycharm?

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If we need to comment out multiple lines of code in Pycharm, press ctrl and shift/ to do so. To uncomment the lines, simply select them and then press the Shift key once more.

When a block is converted into a python comment, it does not contribute to the output of the program and aids in determining which function or block is generating errors. In this article, we’ll go over a few simple python IDE shortcuts to comment out multiple lines of code at once. If you want to remove lines of code in some versions of Spyder, you can use ctrl/5. To comment on a block of code in IDLE, we must first select a line and then press the key combination ctrl+. As illustrated in the diagram below, select a single line of python code and transform it into a comment. To comment on multiple lines in Jupyter notebook, just copy and paste the following.

By commenting on your code, you can make it more readable and help you understand it better. In this article, we will teach you how to comment your Python code on both Windows and MacOS.
Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, with a large library. When you run a program, it’s simple to get lost in the code, and when it comes to a particular function, it’s difficult to find out what the function is about. When you comment on your code, you will be able to better understand it.
You can comment your code in Windows or Linux by pressing Ctrl Shift. The current code block and any subsequent code blocks can be viewed using this feature. If you want to save the file again, you can do so later.
As a result, MacOS has a slightly different commenting system. If you want to comment on a specific code block, instead of pressing Ctrl Shift, select it and then press Command Shift. When this is executed, it will mark the selected code block as well as any subsequent code blocks.

This Line Will Not Be Commented Out

This comment will be used in the following section. The comment on this line will not be made.

How Do You Comment Multiple Lines Of Code At Once?

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There are a few ways to comment multiple lines of code at once. One way is to use /* */. This will comment out everything between the symbols. Another way is to use //. This will comment out everything on the same line after the //.

In Visual Studio Code, how do I comment out multiple lines? On Windows, the keyboard shortcut can be found in File. Preferences Keyboard Shortcut is a MacOS feature. You can search the list by keybindings (key names) or command names, depending on which option you’re looking for. Because Ctrl Shift is naturally more convenient for remembering, it is preferable to block comments by dragging it. A list of all available keybindings can be found on the official website. By typing the keyboard shortcut “#” into the comment field of Visual Studio Code, you can comment out multi-line sections.

To select all lines, press CTRL / and then Shift A, or Option + Shift A. Keyboard shortcuts are now available to view in the File menu (version 1.16.3). If you’re a Sublime Text user or prefer Ctrl+Shift+/, you can change it from the settings panel. VSCODE (version 1.26.1) is the best alternative. You can specify which shortcuts you want to use. You can comment multiple lines using either VSCode or VSCode for Linux in the following manner: selecting a block of code. By pressing Ctrl Shift, you can begin by turning on the volume. A) Block comments.

Select a whole line of code and then press Ctrl to finish it. The comment is / (single-line comment). For tasks that require Mac, please use the following software. Shift is used to combine CMD and Shift 7. Stephen Rauch received a gold badge in the amount of 45.7k30 as of July 1, 2011. On September 13, 2017, at 13:57, I answered the question. In my case, it was ctrl, and I am using a Swedish keyboard layout.

By pressing Ctrl K, you can uncomment lines that have been commented; alternatively, by pressing Ctrl Uto, you can uncomment lines that have been commented. If the Ctrl/ doesn’t work, change it to Ctrl/NumPad_Divide. You must select the text. To comment, press Cntl K, C to comment (Ctr E C). Then, move the cursor to the first line after the delimiter // and before the Code text. By pressing Alt and Shift, you can make a quick change. Use arrow keys to select the desired item.

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When you type a single line comment in Windows, the default key is Ctrl / root. A total of 30 silver badges and 43 bronze badges are available. On February 25, 2020, I was asked by a member of the community for an answer. Anoop P SAnoop M. 6941 received a gold medal for his work. Shift A with CTRL and CTRL.

! > This Is A Comment

— The comment will begin with the letter *br. Is that true? After you comment, you’re done.

How Do You Comment Out A Chunk Of Code In Python?

The #character is the most commonly used method to comment on a Python block of code. Python’s compiler considers a line of code starting with # as a comment, and it is ignored.

Python employs two methods for describing code blocks. These are two examples of how you can show people what you can do with a piece of paper. This will be a one-on-one comparison of the most popular Python editors. If you want to block these three lines, select them with your mouse and press CTRL / in PyCharm, which is located on the English keyboard layout. This does not work on German or Swedish layouts because the / symbol is only accessible by pressing the SHIFT key. The block commenting inserts two hashtag symbols before each line. A comment with only one hashtag and no block is not the same as one with only one hashtag. When a line in an IDLE editor is blocked, the ALT key will be pressed. If you want to uncomment the block, press CTRL SHIFT K.

Comment And Uncomment Code In Pycharm

You can also comment a block of code in PyCharm by selecting it and pressing Ctrl K (or Ctrl J if you don’t want to comment).

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How To Comment Out Multiple Lines In Pycharm Mac

To type Ctrl Shift, press the key.

In Python, multiple lines can be commented in a variety of ways. One method is to add # to the start of each line. This comment is used as the default for most popular Python IDEs, including PyCharm, Sublime, and VS. Python BDFL’s Guido van Rossum (the Python creator) tweeted a tip for Python comments on multiline. The use of multiline docstrings allows for greater code understanding and preservation. Many projects and organizations are adopting this type of comment when they want to provide good documentation. You can comment several lines in most popular IDEs by using the next shortcuts. By using Pycharm, you can delete all Python comments from your Python project. Python multiline comment removal demonstration

How Do I Comment Multiple Lines In Python Mac?

To comment and uncomment lines of Python code on Windows, press the Ctrl key (the slash key). In Mac OS X, the command / can be used to comment and uncomment multiple lines of Python code.

How Do You Comment Multiple Lines On A Mac?

When you want to comment on an entire block of code, select the code and toggle the Toggle Line Comment(s) from the context menu.


How do you comment out large sections of code in PyCharm? ›

Block comments do not apply to Python scripts! To comment or uncomment a code fragment, select it and press Ctrl+Shift+/ .

How do you comment out a whole block in Python? ›

The most common way to comment out a block of code in Python is using the # character. Any line of code starting with # in Python is treated as a comment and gets ignored by the compiler.

How do you comment multiple lines of code at once? ›

To comment out multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Add Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+/ ) To uncomment multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Remove Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+\ )

What is the shortcut to comment out multiple lines in Python? ›

Unlike JavaScript, Python currently don't support multiline comment. But, where there is a will there is a way! All you need to do, is select all the lines you want to comment and press Ctrl + / as shown in below video.

How do you comment out a large block of code in a script? ›

To comment out multiple lines of code, use the block comment operators, %{ and %} . The %{ and %} operators must appear alone on the lines that immediately precede and follow the block of help text. Do not include any other text on these lines.

How do you hash multiple lines in Pycharm? ›

If we have to comment out multiple lines of code in Pycharm, we can select the lines to be commented out and then press ctrl+shift+/ . After this, the lines will be commented out from the code.

Do you comment every line of code? ›

You should comment wherever you can - put comments that explain what you're doing, and if you're doing something tricky or unique be sure to explain that, as well. A good goal is to have 1 comment for every 1-4 lines of code.

How do you write multiple line comments and single line comments? ›

We looked at single-line and multi-line comment in C#. Single-line comments end at the first end-of-line following the // comment marker. You can place it at the top of the code statement or after the code statement. If it's after a code statement, whatever text following it is regarded as the comment.

How do you comment multiple cells in Python? ›

Desired experience
  1. Select multiple cells.
  2. Press Ctrl + / to comment out all lines in selected code cells (add # to the beginning of each line. No action for Markdown cells if also selected)
  3. Press Ctrl + / again to uncomment (remove # in the beginning of each line in selected code cells.
Feb 3, 2022

How do you comment an entire script? ›

All text on a line that follows to the right of // (two forward slashes) will be considered a comment and will not be executed when the script is run. Alternatively, you can enclose a section of code with /* and */. You can also insert comments to the script using the Rem statement.

How do you comment out a line in a Python script? ›

Multi-line Comment in Python

Another way of doing this is to use triple quotes, either ''' or """ . These triple quotes are generally used for multi-line strings. But if we do not assign it to any variable or function, we can use it as a comment.

How do you comment out a block of code in assembly? ›

In assembly, comments are usually denoted by a semicolon ; , although GAS uses # for single line comments and /* … */ for block comments possibly spanning multiple lines.

How will you give multiple lines in the comment while writing a shell script? ›

In Shell or Bash shell, we can comment on multiple lines using << and name of comment. we start a comment block with << and name anything to the block and wherever we want to stop the comment, we will simply type the name of the comment.

Why comments are not good in code? ›

Why are most comments bad? Most comments are bad because developers can't realistically maintain them. Over time, comments can become inaccurate and misleading, which is worse than not having comments.

How detailed should code comments be? ›

Comments should be useful high level descriptions of what the program is doing. They should not restate something that is "obvious". By using appropriate variable names, much of a program can be (almost) as easy to read as English.

Is it good practice to comment out code? ›

Leaving commented-out code in source code is bad practice, as it takes up space, causes confusion, and leads to maintenance issues if it's not removed. Commenting out certain code blocks is a go-to practice many developers use to turn off some logic while debugging or experimenting with the code.

Can comments also span multiple lines *? ›

Most programming languages have syntax for block comments that span multiple lines of text, like C or Java: /* This is a block comment. It spans multiple lines.

How do you comment a whole block in shell script? ›

Method 1: Using <<comment:

In Shell or Bash shell, we can comment on multiple lines using << and name of comment.

How do I comment a large section in JavaScript? ›

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */ . Any text between /* and */ will be ignored by JavaScript.

How do I comment out a block in bash script? ›

Add the following code: # A comment is considered a single line if you do not press Enter. Below is the shebang, indicating the script uses the bash shell. #!/bin/bash # This is a single line comment above a command.

How do you comment multiple lines in Google script? ›

Multi-line comments

Use a forward slash and an asterisk ( /* ) to start a multi-line comment and an asterisk and forward slash ( */ ) to end it. Apps Script will ignore the text in-between /* and */ .


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